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Breath of Life - is a fun and friendly casual guild that was founded 24th of January 2011 on Kul Tiras by a handful of people that wanted a guild that let everyone have a fair chance to do stuff in the game with a social and friendly atmosphere.

We strive to be a relaxed, family oriented, drama free and stress free guild. We want to have fun and build lasting friendships. We do old and new content, achievements, guild runs, “happy events” and raids (all sorts of; casual, drunken/fun runs and progress). In short, we enjoy every aspects of the game.

We are a rebuilding our guild with a lot of new members so the social part of the game should come easy and natural. There is always someone online that you can talk to. We try to be as friendly and drama free as possible.

We don’t have any age requirements but we expect our guildies to be mature, active and social. We are growing slowly to keep a friendly atmosphere where people feel confident with each other.

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We don’t yet have a pvp-section, mainly due to the fact that the officers suck at pvp, but with the right people we aim to expand with rated battlegrounds as well.  

If you feel that this is what you are looking for you are welcome to apply to the guild (click at the Apply to guild button on the web page) or whisper one of the officers in-game. We are looking for all classes and all levels.

Welcome to Breath of Life

Breath of Lifes first Deathwing kill - captured and edited by Zantedeshia

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